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Smallicons is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported 5 licence, freely available for personal and commercial projects.

Free Social Media Icons: Old Bottle Crowns Icon Set

Old Bottle Crowns Icon Set created by Dawghouse Design Studio for you Six Revisions.This preview shows all of the icons in the set. ( Large view 9 ).

The only thing you can complain about can be the size of the pack, honestly I prefer bigger sets than 36 items.As designing static pages has become untenable, many have started to approach design in a modular way.In the crowd of hundreds and thousands of freely available resources for designers, it is not very easy and quick to find the best one as per your specific.The set also includes swatch files, so that you can select colors in Photoshop using the color swatches palette.I prefer icon sets with icons that are actually related in some way.Thank you, dear Nick and Greg, for creating this beautiful set.The goodie contains 92 icons in three editable variants: outlined.

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Verily is currently looking for a full-time Graphic Designer t.When you start to design in a flat style, it can be hard to stop — harder than you think.Here is an inspirational collection of 45 fresh icons for our designers who are in search of high quality and free icon sets.It really depends on the requirements and the content you are working with, and the truth is, you never know what project will be coming your way. (@SmashingApps) | Twitter

The small icons were made using Photoshop vector shapes and are available in different formats, giving you maximum convenience and saving you time for more creative tasks.Senior Graphic Designer - Verily Magazine - (New York, New York) - FullTime Graphic Designer.To set the record straight, Tyler shared a lighthearted Twitter message denying that he had a seizure or a heart attack and generally lampooning the coverage of his.

Pictogramas AIGA.If you are looking for a way to make your design fresh and expressive, then this freebie is the answer.Subscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources, sent out every second Tuesday.These are some cool icons which will integrate nicely in Flat UI.

In the past, we had posted good collection of icon sets which were highly praised by our visitors and on their request, we have compiled yet another exciting.And I can see such common figures as clocks, labels, pins which are used very often.Project Manager - Digital, Websites, Apps - Morley - (Saginaw) - FullTime.Freebies: Twitter Icons for Your Blog. a Free Twitter Icon Set.That is exactly what happened to us when we designed the icons for Smallicons.

It turned into a big project, which we hope will help designers and other professionals whose work is based on graphics one way or another.Exactly the style I like, simple with a nice touch and easily to recognize.

Free Vector Icon Set - 80+ Icons | design freebies | Pinterest

If you are looking for a way to make your design fresh and expressive, then this freebie is.

The freebie includes 36 icons drawn from a full commercial set available on Smallicons 3, plus 18 icons designed exclusively for Smashing Magazine.Today we are pleased to feature Smallicons, a set of 54 flat small icons.